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7 key factors to consider for hospital website development

Website for hospital

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7 key factors to consider for hospital website development

Feb 20, 2023

Showcase your hospital brand

What makes your hospital different from other hospitals in the area? Your website should highlight the credentials of the hospital and highlight what makes your facility unique. Do you specialize in a certain treatment/procedure? What are the unique facilities the hospital provides to patients?

Use your website to demonstrate what makes your hospital stand out from the rest of the hospitals. This will make people feel more comfortable choosing you for their medical procedures.

Highlight credentials of the doctors/ Health care professionals

Who are the key doctors and what are the specializations?  Highlight the prior experiences which make them stand out and assure patients about the quality healthcare they would be getting.

Along with photos, you can include brief descriptions that include information about education, areas of practice. Descriptions about doctors can feature awards, patient testimonials, research advancements and social services rendered by the doctors.

Highlight treatment plans

Provide the details of various treatments available with informative content. You can include video clips that demonstrate how a particular procedure works.

Don’t forget to highlight what makes your facility unique, as well as the innovative treatments you provide.


Hospital location, Hours of operations, Regular & Emergency contact information

Your hospital’s website should place your operating hours (for specific departments or offices), full address, phone number, email address and any other contact location on your site. This information could be accessible via your homepage, in a “Contact Us” link in your menu, and perhaps a sitewide footer.

It’s important to make sure your contact information is the same across all instances. 

Appointments / preventive healthcare appointment bookings

Your hospital website should provide an appointment booking facility to website visitors. There should be an option for making online payments for the consultation fees/ preventive healthcare booking ..etc

Simple, clear navigation

Navigation is one of the most crucial aspects of hospital web design. Because a majority of those browsing your site will be in a hurry and looking for information in a hurry, you will need your site navigation to be clear, concise, and easily understood.  A good UX design is a critical factor for the website success factor.

Responsive, mobile-friendly design

Website design for hospitals and medical organizations should conform to today’s mobile-friendly standards. If your site is not responsive—that is, if it does not automatically resize to display its content on a mobile device—it needs a redesign.


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