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9 Key points to consider to build a marketing website for a business

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9 Key points to consider to build a marketing website for a business

Feb 20, 2023

You have successfully started your entrepreneurship journey by taking the right steps like validating the business plan, aligning the founding team, and putting together systems and processes.  You have lined up the best of the Product range or the best in class Services to serve your clients. You have even announced your entrepreneurship journey to your friends and network through social media like Facebook, Linked In etc.

You got few friendly business enquiries to begin with.  Well, what next? You need to scale your business now to really take off in the business. How do you market and sell your products or services on a scale, efficiently and within a limited budget? That’s the big challenge that most new businesses face sooner or later.

The answer is not simple. It requires a well-thought Marketing plan to be in place with the right Market research, identifying buyer persona, reaching out to the right target audience and converting them through ongoing nurturing.

So, how do you reach the target audience?  Fortunately, there are many digital advancements that come in handy in this aspect. One of the digital means is to have a business website that helps you attract, nurture and win your customers on an ongoing basis. However, it’s observed that many businesses don’t focus on having a useful website from the target audience’s point of view and end up having a site that is not serving the purpose.

Here we suggest 9 Key points To Consider To Build A Great Business Website for your New Venture.

1. Your website is your 24X7 salesman. Create a website that tells a story about your brand with photos, text, or video. In this digital age, very few prospects meet/ visit you in person. You should have a professional-looking website that makes a good impact compared to your competitors. It’s better not to have a shabbily-looking website and have a bad impression.

2. Identify clearly the buyer personas and provide the personalised content to fulfil their needs. As part of the website design spends considerable time in identifying the buyer personas.

3. Focus on user experience design ( UX). Keep each of your web pages consistent in design, including font, colours, and images. Keep navigation simple and clean. The latest design approaches recommend a minimalistic design for a better experience.

4. Make a website that is responsive. The majority of your customers, and prospects visit your website through mobile devices. Your website should provide an exceptional experience through all devices, be it desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

5. Adapt a Data-driven design approach to design your web to understand and prioritise users’ needs through observable tests. This helps create a pleasing user experience while leading to more website traffic and online conversions.

6. Make your website interactive and provide call-to-actions to move the audience to the next stage in the buyer’s decision-making journey.

7. Integrate your social media sites via social embed buttons. Use all digital social channels to regularly connect and nurture your prospects.

8. Integrate a live chat or chatbot to give visitors the option to engage with you directly on your website. Live chat can automate functions for sales and service teams and create a better communication experience for the website visitor.

9. Make your site Search engine friendly. SEO technics will help to attract your target audience through search engines.


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