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How to improve marketing and sales ROI with AI.

May 2, 2021 | Marketing AI

One of the fastest advancing technologies nowadays is Artificial intelligence (AI).

AI is making major waves in marketing and sales and can help you improve your topline and ROI. In the recent report, McKinsey predicts AI could unlock up to $2.6 trillion in business value in marketing and sales.

We know that Google, Facebook, Amazon uses AI extensively in their digital platforms. Is AI just for big tech companies? Let’s look at how AI can be used by organizations of any size.  Here are few use cases and tools to use AI in marketing, sales.

AI for competitive intelligence: These AI platforms help you to capture, analyze, and act on intelligence about your competitors and market. These platforms help you get  Complete Competitive Insights by Monitoring a competitor’s complete digital footprint like website, social media sources, product, pricing changes,  customer reviews and campaigns launched.

AI Chatbots on Websites: Chatbots are becoming smarter day by day and using AI tools can help improve the functionality of chatbots and serve your website visitors better.  Some improvements using AI in chatbots are

      • Automatically answer common questions in real-time
      • Personalised answers to a broad range of questions using AI
      • Supplement lead gen forms
      • Schedule sales meetings

AI in content marketing: Content creation is a laborious process. There are AI tools that specialise in Content Curation. These AI tools help discover the best content with a self-learning engine, organise and contextualize the content, publish and promote content.

AI in Predictive Marketing Analytics: AI-powered predictive analytics can tell you what’s going with your website, which content and pages are making the most impact on your site visitors, predict which leads to score as target customers, and predict what your target audiences want to buy and consume. This will result in continuous improvement in your marketing and sales function.

In Summary, it’s not just sufficient to have a marketing website but to improve your lead generation and conversion through intelligent adaption of AI in your sales and marketing functions.

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