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Case Study

Agritech startup

Inbound marketing website to educate the prospects on product features and generate leads.


Company Name: Avani AgriTech

Avani AgriTech is a start-up engaged in product development for the agricultural sector. Avani AgriTech designs and develops Irrigation Systems/Controllers to help farmers  grow more crops with less water, labour and electricity. They are involved in providing Drip Irrigation systems all over the country. They provide Irrigation advisory services based on satellite image processing, weather data and AI without installing expensive soil moisture sensors.


Avani Agritech is a start-up involved in Agricultural sector. Its products are revolutionary and bring a lot of efficiency in the farming activity.  However, the reach to target customer was a challenge. They relied on participation in Road shows, Exhibitions for the Marketing purposes, but it did not generate good leads which could generate revenue.


Educating the benefits and RoI of the agri product to target customer and dealers.

The product developed by the start-up is innovative, used the latest technology and provided the best solution to farmers. However due to lack of awareness in the target customer base, product was not selling in the market.  Also, the dealers were spread across the country and wanted to see the physical demos to get convinced.


Our Solution

A product and services website which educates the target customers, and captures the leads.

In order to increase the awareness about the product and services, we came out with extensive educational content, video demonstrations, FAQ in discussion with the client. A beautiful responsive website was designed and hosted with inbound marketing strategy.  Site UX was designed keeping in mind the buyer persona and forms were incorporated to capture the contact details of interested buyers.

A responsive mobile first website

  • SEO
  • CTA, Forms
  • Video, Infographics


app marketing illustration 03

The Results

Significant improvement in Marketing lead quality, Reduction in field travel for demo purposes.

Newly implemented inbound website solution not only increased traffic, but generated better quality qualified leads which helped sales closure rates. The field travel reduced by 46% due to educational content, videos on the website.


YoY organic traffic growth


YoY increase in qualified leads


YoY Reduction in travel costs

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