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Security services

Digital Campaigns, CTAs, Service hub integration


Company Name:  BN Security Solutions Private Limited

BN Security Solutions Private Limited is specialized in providing turnkey solutions and services in Security, Fire, Safety, and Automation. BN Security is an ISO 9001 certified company. They have  presence in all the major cities in India (Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata). In the year 2016, BN Security  established their global office in Singapore.


BN Security Solutions is a B2B player which deals with the security solutions from several leading companies. They have strategic alliances with international product manufacturers and provide the turnkey solutions for  Security, Fire, Safety and Automation requirements to businesses.  They Design, Supply, provide Installation, Commissioning & Service support for the following solutions: Building Automation System, Security & Fire Solutions, Communication Systems, Physical Security Products.


Reaching out to B2B target customers through regular campaigns to create a brand for themselves and awareness about security products and services.  

There are several players in the Security and automation space who are competing for the business.  The challenge for BN Security is to create a brand so that there is a recall when the customers needs these solutions. They faced challenges with respect to after sales support to their clients. Customers are looking for excellent support post the solution deployment. They need a ongoing service , which needs to be quick and reliable.

Our Solution

Regular Digital campaigns to create a brand for BN Security Solutions and to generate leads on ongoing basis.

We had a extensive discussion with the client team in identifying a buyer persona and created a digital campaigns to attract and educate their target customers. We launched periodic campaigns through paid ads. The landing pages designed with CTAs got the customers to specific pages on the website and generated the qualifies leads.

We implemented an intelligent live chat on their website to provide the clients with some basic information for their queries. We integrated a service hub with their CRM to track the service requests and tracking the requests till closure.

  • Paid ads
  • Digital Campaigns
  • CTAs
  • Live chats
  • Service hub integration
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The Results

Digital campaigns resulted in significant improvement security solution enquiries, Digital advt resulted in brand awareness.

The digital campaigns helped generate new marketing leads to sales team periodically. The digital advertisements which were done based on keyword analysis, were able to attract the right enquiries.

On service front the live chats helped reduce the load on service engineers by about 14% and deployment of service hub resulted customer support service levels.


YoY enquiries recd


YoY increase in qualified leads


YoY Reduction in service efforts

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